Hello World… as seen by PKG Photography…

ConverseHello world… in fact universe I must say… because this my medium to connect with everything that can read…On the onset of this epic journey and the plunge into expressing myself to the world. Which is known to us Blogging…

I want to Share that this would mostly be about Photography and My experiences related to it and things which might strike a cord with my heart maybe pleasure,irritation & sadness…

This being my first ever blog…  therefore i would dedicate this to something that makes me feel about my existence on this earth, which i can do or want to do as much as possible after my humanly needs i.e my passion for photography…

Photography… well technically it can be defined by many scientific versions… but to me IT IS…

Photography is an art that makes me show to others how i perceive or see the world… simply put…It makes you see the world through my eyes…

What it means to me… well i can only say that it means dreams to me… without this the life for me like living without dreams and passion for life… which  makes it useless.

very shortly i would like to share with everyone as to how,when,where  & why I started/picked up this Art of Photography. Now to me it is PKG Photography


2 responses to “Hello World… as seen by PKG Photography…

  1. Mighty Ho! Wunderlust. Way to go.
    Here’s wishing all the very best for the blogging world and the beauty your lens will bring to it.

    • Thanks a lot for pushing me to take this huge step. I owe a treat to you and world try to give you a good family portrait, Do give me a chance to do that…
      PKG Photography

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