Red Poppies ( Forever…)

There are a large number of fields around here which have these wild poppy flowers growing in them as weeds. Last year i wanted to click a few good photos of these beauties but could not do so due to lack of ideas… and knowledge as to how I would be able to show the delicateness of the petals and getting the RED of the flower… there is is so much in this flower to be shown like every beautiful flower (i am yet to come across a UGLY flower ).Therefore this year I was prepared with the ideas and learned about the light and how I would be able to get what I had thought of… like all my previous shots this is also taken in the natural light and no artificial source is used.. this is a low key representation of the beauty next i am planning for the high key experiment and that would again be a challenge for me to get the adequate details in the flower to show the delicate and soft nature of this beauty.I think & hope that i have been able to do justice with the beauty of this wonderful flower which is no more than a weed in many fields…the last year’s shots can be seen in“MY EXPERIMENTS WITH FLOWERS” set in my stream.
with Regards
PKG Photography


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